Our subsidiary, Plaza Group Trading was established in 2011 to support our expanding global operations.




Plaza Group Trading LLC, a subsidiary of The Plaza Group Inc. (TPG), was established in 2011 to support our expanding global operations and to enhance the value we bring to our customers and supplier partners. The global petrochemical supply chain continues to evolve with the growing demand for product in emerging markets and the need to use the most cost effective feedstock to supply these products. The two rarely coincide geographically and thus petrochemicals and energy have to be bought, sold, and shipped around the world.


Taking product to market for our supplier partners and providing competitively priced product to our customers has been TPG's focus since it was founded in 1994. With the addition of Plaza Group Trading, we are able to extend the same service approach that made TPG a leading chemical company in the US to the global market with larger quantities. In addition, we can bring to our domestic customers new supply opportunities and up to the minute market data that they might not have access to otherwise.


Plaza Group Trading LLC is focusing on trading those products that we are actively marketing for bulk distribution or exports. We are now providing more product data, introducing new tools and facilitating transactions for larger quantities of these specific petrochemicals:


• Benzene

• Mixed Xylenes

• Ortho/Para Xylene

• Toluene

• Methanol

• Styrene

• Acetone


With our expertise and knowledgeable team, we are able to add value to our supplier partners and customers in the following ways:


• Provide market intelligence and up to the minute industry news

• Access to new markets for our suppliers and open new supply sources to our customers

• Take advantage of global arbitrage opportunities

• Mitigate risk of supply disruption

• Managing global logistics and shipping

• Mitigate financial risk that might arise from global trade


Plaza Group Trading LLC continues to remain true to TPG's core values and will not deviate from them:


• Be honest and forthright

• Treat people with respect, courtesy and professionalism

• Provide exceptional service to customers and suppliers

• Be opportunistic

• Be financially responsible

One thing you'll notice right away about The Plaza Group is that when you call you actually speak to a live person. We focus on customer service!


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