Our subsidiary, Plaza Group Panama was founded in 2010 in response to the growth of the Latin American market.




Plaza Group Panama (PGP), a subsidiary of The Plaza Group Inc. (TPG), was founded in 2010 in response to the growth of the Latin American market and the global importance in the supply chain of chemical products.


Plaza Group Panama not only focuses on the products The Plaza Group Inc. actively markets. It is also our goal to establish new alliances with strategic suppliers worldwide to ensure product supply reliability and build long lasting relationships with them. We strive on taking over activities from chemical producers, who are looking for an outsourcing option in order to meet their own goals. We continuously work on obtaining marketing rights from producers to optimize and improve our product lines.


PGP's success in trade business is based on our knowledge of the international market, which enables us to create a network that provides market insight and expertise to grow our customers' core business and profitability. We concentrate on understanding our customers' needs and provide suitable solutions.


Our expertise in global logistics allows us to satisfy the different needs and requirements of our clients, as we source and deliver an ample portfolio of products and derivatives worldwide.


PGP has ties to product lines in Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, North America and South America that can be used to supply customers on an ongoing basis.


Our product line is made up of:


• Polymers - HDPE, LLDPE

• Solvents - Acetone, IPA, MEK, Ethyl Acetate, Polyol, PMA, PM, Aromatic 100-150-200, Mineral Spirits

• Intermediates - AMS, VAM, Styrene Monomer, Mixed Xylene, Tolene, Phenol, Caustic Soda

• Others - KOH (Briquettes, Flakes), Glycerin, Maleic Anhidride, Sulfur


Throughout our years of business, Plaza Group Panama continues to be a strong and reliable company that embraces its partnership with The Plaza Group Inc., while remaining devoted to their principles and core values:


• Be honest and forthright

• Treat people with respect, courtesy and professionalism

• Provide exceptional service to customers and suppliers

• Be opportunistic

• Be financially responsible


It is our philosophy that our customers come first...

"Promises made are promises kept."

One thing you'll notice right away about The Plaza Group is that when you call you actually speak to a live person. We focus on customer service!


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