Our employees have a vested interest in our customers' success. After all, we're only as good (or successful) as our customers, when it's all said and done.

One thing you'll notice right away about The Plaza Group is that when you call you actually speak to a live person. We focus on customer service!




The constantly evolving nature of our industry is challenging for the best of participants. At The Plaza Group, we've proven, through our high supplier retention rate, that a company can expand and evolve without sacrificing the quality of its service. This is because our carefully selected team continues to remain true to our core values:


• be honest and forthright

• treat people with respect, courtesy and professionalism

• provide exceptional service to customers and suppliers

• be opportunistic

• be financially responsible


We owe much of our success to our customers and suppliers, with whom we have formed lasting partnerships, many of which date back to our formation in 1994. By combining our commitment and work ethic with the simple concept of listening and responding to what our customers have to say, The Plaza Group has established itself as a valuable partner.


But we are far from finished. Conscious of the past, we are setting our sights on an exciting future, which is already including an increasingly global approach to doing business, allowing us to bring our clients quality products at a competitive cost from around the world. This global vision includes suppliers in Korea, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Taiwan and China. We recently opened our office in Panama to serve our growing presence in Latin America.


The purpose of this web site is to help you get to know The Plaza Group a little better. We look forward to developing a new alliance if you have not dealt with us before or to pursuing a higher level of partnership with our current valued suppliers and customers. At The Plaza Group, we are pursuing an increasingly global supply of products, while maintaining the most personalized brand of customer service in the business.

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